Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy birthday, papa!

Today, we celebrate papa's birthday. With a bang. Sasha decided she wanted to give papa extra cuddles on this wonderful day and wake up at 5:30am (too bad he's already promised me he'd get up with her, and I was way too exhausted to argue with him, hehe) Then off to work he went. While Sasha continued her insane nap-refusing drama. She did eventually fall asleep in her stroller after her swim class. We celebrated with sushi and wine for dinner, nothing fancy, but it was nice to just hang out. We're having our families for dinner this Saturday to properly celebrate (and it's a good excuse for Z to play with his grill too)
We're so so happy to have Z as our husband and papa (and boy, I was especially happy at 5:30 this morning!) He is such an amazingly caring and loving dad, his main priority is and always has been our family's well-being. And while he does tend to try to solve my problems instead of just listening and letting me complain (like most men do), he does have the most wonderful shoulder to cry on when I need him. And I just love seeing my little girl's eyes light up when he walks through the front door (and he always always has a hug and a kiss for her). We love you, papa, happy birthday!

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