Monday, July 5, 2010

Our long weekend (in many pictures, and not too many words)

I'm going to start this post by saying that I love love love long weekends. I love that we can sleep a little longer (and this weekend was extra special with Sasha waking up as late as 9:30am!) I love that we can spend a little extra time together. I like that we're all a little more relaxed. But since I promised not too many words (as I tend to do), here's what we did this long weekend:
Saturday, we headed to Z's aunt's house in upstate NY for her birthday, which was a blast. A very loud crazy blast. There were easily 10 kids there. And two puppies. And who knows how many adults.
Sasha with grandma and great-grandma
Sasha and her cousin Sarah - love love love!
Cake craze
Already put to work, eh?

My dad - I love how cool and calm he was in all that chaos
Z and his dad had a little water gun fight

Sunday, we had a little bbq at Z's parents house (my parents joined in the fun) and we went for a dip in a new baby pool that my mother-in-law bought "for Sasha" - yeah, right, for Sasha, hehe.
My big girl making bubbles in the pool - I was so proud of her!
Yup, I squirted Z with a rubber ducky. And got him. He almost had to change (but it was too warm out)
With grandma L., not the best picture (by far), but I just love my mom's expression!

And today we did almost nothing. Ahh, it was glorious! In the morning, we made a quick run to the pharmacy to pick up a few things, then little Miss took an extra long nap. We then hung out by the a/c and ran to Babies R Us for a few things.Too bad Z has to go to work tomorrow!
Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend!

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