Thursday, July 1, 2010

Papa's vacuum

I just have to share this cute (in my completely unbiased opinion of course) story with you. In the past couple of weeks, Sasha's been pointing at things, naming them, and saying who the said thing belongs to. For example, at the playground yesterday, when another kiddo wanted to ride our tricycle, I said "yes, of course", while Sasha kept pointing at it, repeating "Sasha, Sasha", implying that it is her trike and no other kid should play with it (we're working on sharing). She points to chairs, cups, plates, toys, and says "mama", "papa", "Sasha", "baba"... well, you get it.
Today, as she was helping me take the clean laundry out of the dryer (she loves to carry it for me, too bad she hasn't figured out how to fold it yet, I'm not a fan of that part!) she pointed at the vacuum, that sits in our laundry room, and said "papa". It made me giggle, because she's so accustomed to papa vacuuming (another chore which I avoid like the plague if I can), she thinks it's actually his. Silly girl!


Anonymous said...

I should teach my girl to point to the sink full of dirty dishes and say "Tatte" within my husband's earshot. ;)

Yuliya A. said...

haha, yes, yes you should. Ha, I should too!