Friday, July 23, 2010

Rocking Sasha to sleep

...results in her sleeping on the pillows on the floor. Next to her crib.
This has been going on for 2 weeks now. Short of calling her pediatrician and asking what on earth could possibly be causing this, I've run out of ideas. I haven't called the dr. yet, because I'm fairly certain she'd look at me like I had two heads and laugh. Loudly. So that's out of the question for now. And nothing seems to work. She behaves slightly better for her papa when he puts her down in the evenings, but with me, she just screams and screams. Going in at intervals (Ferber) doesn's seem to soothe her and only pisses her off more. Picking up and then putting her down gives very similar results. 
We did take her crib tent off her crib last night and she seemed to quiet down after Z checked on her just once. But today at naptime, it was back to the usual screaming routine she seems to have picked up somewhere. So I rocked her. And guess what? She slept for two beautiful hours (albeit on the floor) But now I'm completely terrified I'll end up with a 6-year-old kid who can't fall sleep on her own or sleeps in our bed!


GAMZu said...

I'm not promising you anything, so don't hold me accountable ;) but I can tell you that what you do with a baby this young does not make long-lasting habits. Children grow up and their understanding changes. Different circumstances come up.
To a six year old, you can explain in adult terms and she will understand. Very different from a not-yet-two year old who can't look beyond her momentary needs.

Both my boys slept in my bed and nursed to sleep- several times a night.
My six year old started sleeping in his crib at 13 months because he self-weaned.
My four year old had a bit of a harder time transitioning, but at 2 1/2, right before his sister was born, I was finally able to get him to sleep in his own bed. At that age, he was able to understand a lot more than he did when he was 2, so I just explained to him that the new baby will cry and wake him, so he needs to sleep in his new bed. Since the baby can come anytime, he needs to start sleeping in his own bed already.

Sorry this has been so long... :) Just trying to assure you that Sasha's needs and understanding will change a lot in the upcoming years and whatever you do to get her to sleep now won't stick forever.

When my oldest was one year older than Sasha, he developed an awful fear of his crib. It was terrible. He just screamed and refused to approach it. After a few days we disassembled the crib and had him sleep on a mattress on the floor. For naps, I had to wheel him around in a carriage. It was a nightmare. Eventually he got over it, and the alternate methods of putting him to sleep didn't stick forever. He's an awesome sleeper at age 6. :)

Yuliya A. said...

Thank you, that really does reassure me. I know that this is (most likely) just a phase and it'll pass eventually, and I guess I'm just trying to ride it out the best I can (without going completely nuts).