Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I think I see two more teeth!

While playing with Miss Sasha last night, I spotted a big white line on her top gum - I think my baby girl is cutting yet another tooth, a top right incisor this time (the left one may have been there too, but she was very wiggly and wouldn't let me look long enough)! Yeah! I was beginning to think she would always be the baby who only had two teeth, lol. It's been a while since her last tooth popped out right around 6 months, and I'm excited. A little cautious too, because her first two teeth seemed very painful for her. So far, she's been super clingy and whiny, which I chalked up to some separation anxiety - but if it is in fact from teething, I'll have my happy smiling baby (with three teeth) back in no time!

Edited to add: it is in fact two top incisors, I managed to get a peak at them tonight. And I'm not seeing things, Y saw them too, so it's official: Sasha is getting two more brand new pearly whites! Time to get her toothbrush ready!

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