Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day in pictures

As promised, some pictures of our first Father's Day weekend! And yes, my child is uber-talented!

Sasha made daddy a painting! It was really messy but loads of fun!

The end result. Y is taking one to work, I think, and the other we'll frame and hang up somewhere, aren't they so cool!?

She also "posed" (and I use that word very liberally) with a big sign that says "I love daddy"

I think he liked it!

"See, papa? I made this for you!"

Not the greatest quality photo, but it's cute, because I said "Sasha, kiss papa" and this is what she did, we love big open-mouthed kisses!

They played for a bit

Then Sasha helped papa open his present

We went for a walk in a local park...

Oh, yeah, I was there too ;)

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