Friday, June 5, 2009

3/4 of the way to the one-year mark!

Miss Sasha is 9 months old today! And she's really developing so much more of a personality, she likes certain things, she gets amused by certain things. She has started waving hi and bye and clapping (all three completely depending on her mood though, she won't do them for just anyone, it's so funny!) She learned to gasp, it's the funniest thing ever, and she does it when she's excited about something, like she'd gasp and then giggle. She now follows me wherever I go when I leave the room, she loves crawling into the kitchen and standing up and trying to see what I'm doing. She's getting a lot better at feeding herself, now only about half of her food ends up on her onesie and bib (oh, and the chair and the table), it's especially fun when it's something like blueberries, very colorful! I think she's also trying to point at things, I don't know if she consciously understands that that will get our attention but she certainly points with her little index finger at things she's looking at.
She's being a little clingy today (I blame yesterday's shots), but I did manage to get some pictures of her this morning (after her unusually long 2 and a half hour nap) - it's quite difficult to get pictures other than her eating her monthly signs, so I have to get creative... Enjoy!

Love the ruffles on her butt - so cute :)

"Maaa, it's upside down!!"

"Ok, much much better!"

"Nooo, say it isn't so!" - love her face in this one :)

We've got a whole 3 months until she's no longer a baby and I plan on fully enjoying these 3 months. Happy 9 months birthday, baby girl!

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