Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another year older...

I turned 25 today. I never really thought about how it would feel like to be 25, I've given a lot of thought to other numbers, but not this one. And I've got to say, this by far is my favorite! Sasha let me sleep in this morning (she didn't wake up until 7:30), then I was awakened by Y and Miss Sasha singing me the happy birthday song (ok, Sasha wasn't really singing but she looked like she was enjoying it). It rained most of the day, so we just spent some time inside, just me and my daughter, it was the best present I could have asked for. We finished the day off my going out to Outback, nothing fancy, but oh so delicious.
I feel incredibly lucky and happy today, I got the greatest gift I could've asked for: the love of a family. I have the most wonderful and caring husband in the world and the sweetest funniest baby girl. I also got a million phone calls and texts letting me know just how much I am loved, my parents, my in-laws, extended family and friends. I am one really lucky girl!

See? I told you she points to things now - I think this was at the lamp above

"Whose birthday is it? Mama's!"


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You're only a few months older than me. :)

Yuliya A. said...

Aww, thanks :)