Monday, December 8, 2008

Shots today :(

We're off in a few minutes to go to Sasha's 3-months appointment. While I'm excited to see how she's grown since last month, I am so not looking forward to her getting shots! And of course, I am way more nervous about them, she's happily sleeping right now and has no idea what is waiting for her, sigh...
On a side note, the weekend was crazy busy (as usual... at this point I say that weekdays are a lot easier and so much less hectic for me than the weekends). Saturday, we got Sasha's very first Christmas tree - but we don't celebrate Christmas, so for us, it's really a New Year's tree - see, in Russia, our celebration of New Year is essentially the same as Christmas here in the States, only not a religious one - we have presents, the tree, the Santa (he's called Grandfather Frost and has a granddaughter instead of a wife), family gathering. I'm hoping to decorate it today at some point if Sasha's feeling well. Then on Sunday, we went to get our pictures done in Staten Island and it took us forever between waiting for the photographer and taking the pictures and then finally selecting the ones we wanted (but that's for another post) - we should be getting our pictures on the 18th and will post them sometime after.
Alrighty, I can't keep stalling, need to go get Sasha up and ready for her appointment. Wish us luck!!

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