Monday, December 8, 2008

Back from appointment

So, we are back. Sasha only got one shot and one oral vaccine today. And even that warranted such sad screaming and crying from her!! She was screaming her little head off so the nurse had to distract her with a bright singing toy with flashing lights, that seemed to relax her a bit. She actually fell asleep before we even walked out of the dr.'s office! I hope she just sleeps it off today.
As for her growth, she gained another inch and is now 24.25" (86th %ile). But when it came to weighing her, there was a problem with the heat in their office so the dr. told me not to take Sasha's stuff off, and in pants and a sweater she weighed in at 14lbs2oz. So she is somewhere around 14lbs (89th %ile) now, having gained a pound and a half in the past month. We're starting her on vitamins tonight and the dr. said we should be starting her on solids (rice cereal at first) in a month. That's so exciting!


Emmie said...

yay! sounds like sasha took it like a champ :)

Yuliya A. said...

Well, she definitely got over it more quickly than her mommy!