Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 3-month birthday, Sasha!

Today is Sasha's quarter birthday (yeah, lame, but so exciting!) I would've posted earlier, but we had a very exciting day celebrating. First, Sasha slept until 12pm (grandma and grandpa were here last night while mommy and daddy went out to daddy's holiday party and somehow miraculously Sasha slept until 9am, after going to bed at 11pm!!). Then we went for a walk. There was a lot of sleeping in between, so taking this picture proved to be a little too difficult, but here it is:

Oh, and here are a couple of her Santa pictures, mommy was just playing with an adult Santa hat, but I do think they are the cutest ever!

"I'm just gonna pretend that I don't see you and maybe you'll go away"

"Ok, mom, I know I'm cute and all, but can we be done and go take a bath now?"

Oh, and one last thing, on Sunday, we're going to get our very first professional pictures of Sasha done, I will post pictures as soon as we have them!

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