Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Chanukkah!

Happy Chanukkah, everyone! We got to lit Sasha's first menorah yesterday, although I have to say she did not seem all that impressed with the candles. We first went over to grandma and grandpa's for Chanukkah lunch with some of their friends, which was fun (and Sasha even managed to fall asleep there - she's never slept anywhere but home before). And then we lit the candles at home - we're not very religious really, so we just lit them when we put Sasha to bed (that's how my dad used to do it when we were little - definitely takes off the pressure of having to be home at the exact minute when you are technically supposed to light them, lol).
And this week, we're going to go show Sasha Christmas lights. We always go every year, but this time is especially exciting, since it's Sasha's first time, I have a feeling she'll love them!

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Anonymous said...

You could actually light any time after dark, so you did it right. ;) :)