Saturday, December 20, 2008

My smiley girly

So I haven't posted since last weekend, sorry. We're doing just fine, baby Sasha is a bit whiny and clingy lately, I think she may be starting to teeth (the amount of drool is indescribable!), so I didn't have as much free time to write here. Also with the New Year's coming up, there's plenty to do: still have to finish shopping for the presents, have to wrap them up (did one today, between taking care of Sasha and cleaning a bit), have to get the house a little more presentable (since we were crazy enough to suggest that we have New Year's here - yes, there's going to be around 10 people, we are still waiting on the confirmation from some, but baby Sasha refuses to sleep anywhere else, so we thought this may be easier!)
So here is a picture I took yesterday from our window, it's not such a pretty view, but I love the snow and it was so nice and fluffy (until it turned into sleet and ickiness):

And here's our little girl this morning, she was just in such a good mood, I had to take some pictures. Check out her "bad hair day". She was attempting to stand in the first picture, but kept sliding down:

I definitely have the cutest little girl in the world ;)

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