Friday, February 26, 2010

Another funny day

The snow was pretty crazy today, so we stayed in watching the snow fall from our window. We played and danced and sang and read some books. And ate yogurt.... or put on lotion (depends on how you choose to look at it):

Then I tried putting Sasha down for a nap, but instead of falling asleep, she talked and played with her dolls and stuffed animals for a good hour (yelling "kuka" - doll, "mama", "tuda" - over there). She finally fell asleep, but woke up only 30 minutes later. And I knew why as soon as I walked into her room:
That is all her dolls and stuffed animals... as well as her jammies and diaper on the floor. And of course she peed on the newly changed sheets! 

After her nap, Sasha found my lip liner and yes, used it. On her cheeks :)
 Silly girl :)

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