Thursday, February 11, 2010

We need a vacation

Ok, so bear with me, this is going to be a (possibly long) whiny post. I love the snow, it's absolutely beautiful. But, I severely despise the cold (and yes, dear relatives reading from cold cold St. Petersburg, I'm cold in NY where it is barely 32F, or 0C for the most part this winter) I am so ready for spring to get here. And I'm ready for another vacation. And yes, I realize how lucky we've been to be able to take two vacations last year (given the state of the economy), but I just need to be somewhere warm and relaxing. Where I don't have to think about cleaning/cooking/laundry/nap schedules all day long.
This whine is mostly brought on by our lack of luck with actually finding good vacation deals. We've been looking online and finding decent deals, but the problem comes up when we want to go with Sasha as a "lap child" - not buy her a separate seat on the plane (she won't sit in it for more than 10 minutes and children under 2 fly for free). I guess I'm just frustrated with the whole process, because we need to call numerous travel agents to try to figure this out (and of course, they're all pushing their own things on us). Ok, vent over, I feel better now. Will call more people once Sasha wakes up.
And I leave you with a sunny picture from our cruise last October (just don't scroll down for our snow pictures!)

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