Friday, February 5, 2010

17 months old today

Sasha is 17 months old today, she is such a big girl! I was looking at pictures from her birthday (taken a mere 5 months ago) and she's changed so much. She now says a total of 23 words (I am probably slightly overcounting, as I include her animal sounds). Her latest word is "kuka" - her way of saying kukla (doll) - she says it over and over again to her dolls. She also started saying "da" when I ask her something and she means it! She puts things into the garbage cans (usually things that are garbage, I've caught her a couple of times trying to put her toys in there). She now tries to wipe the floor and her high chair tray when she spills something. She absolutely loves kissing everybody and everything! We are still working on her sleep issues though, we're so ready for her to stop waking up multiple times a night for no reason!
Here are some pictures from today (I'd like to point out the sudden disgust my kid seems to have towards the poor dog... and I'm not a fan of how our new couch looks in these)
And yes, I'm including one of her from a year ago: what a difference!

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