Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ms. CrankyPants

Miss Sasha has been a Ms. CrankyPants the past few days. Ick. She doesn't want to sleep during the day, even though she's so tired, which makes her even more tired, which in turn makes her cry even more. Sigh, poor baby. I think this may be a combination of a reaction to her shots on Tuesday and something known as the 4-month wakeful period. The idea is that at this stage babies learn so many new skills and their brains are working very hard to absorb all that information and constantly going. So they are constantly up and it's hard for them to relax and go to sleep. Or something like that. And mommy was naive and decided to start weaning baby Sasha off the swaddle this week, not a good move! The swaddle stays... I keep joking that we're going to swaddle until she's 16, but definitely for another couple of weeks.

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