Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year! 2009 is here and we cannot be more excited about it! I absolutely love the celebration of the New Year - it is probably the biggest national holiday back in Russia, so it is still a huge deal to us. This year, we decided that it may be easier for us (and for baby Sasha, since she doesn't really sleep anywhere else) to host it at our house... that turned out to be quite an adventure, but I have to say, it was a lot of fun. We had ten people over and everybody brought something for dinner, so we didn't have to slave in the kitchen the entire day on the 31st.
On the 30th, we went to my parents' house for part I of the celebration because my sister and her boyfriend were leaving for the actual NYE. So we exchanged some presents there. Sasha got the most beautiful hand-knit booties and a head band from auntie Anna (in blue and green, since daddy always complains that everything she owns is pink).

Auntie Anna showing off Sasha's new fancy outfit

She got really tired and fell asleep in my arms before the gift time was over!

On the actual NYE, Sasha managed to stay up until 11:40pm (although I'm sure she'll be ok not having seen the ball drop at Times Square this time around). Presents were exchanged a little bit after midnight and I have to admit, Sasha's got the cutest coolest gifts of all!

Sasha with grandma L.

Sasha with grandma A.

Sasha with uncle Leon

Check out the fancy Happy New Year hat on my baby! Oh, and whoever took this picture apparently didn't think I was important enough to be in it...

My husband getting ready for his duty as a Grandfather Frost (essentially the Russian Santa Claus, he also brings presents and leaves them under the tree)

Then, on the 1st, my uncle and aunt came over with my cousins, which meant yummy leftovers and more presents for everybody!

With uncle Steve and uncle Mark

Sasha liked her presents so much, she even attempted to eat the bow on one!

I have to say, year 2008 has been a great year, though of course it had its ups and downs (really, what year doesn't?) But we got to meet our precious little girl, celebrate her first Turkey day and New Year's Eve. Next year is going to be just amazing, with a lot more firsts. I doubt that anything can compare to our daughter's birth, but I just know that 2009 has a lot of great things in stock for all of us! Happy New Year!!

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