Monday, January 5, 2009

Four months!!

Wow! Sasha's 4 months old today! Four months! That's a third of the way to being 1! Ok, maybe a few too many exclamation points, but I'm rather excited. She's growing so fast and changing every day (although I must admit, every time someone says "Oh wow, she's changed since last week when we saw her", I think I pretty much look at them like they have three heads). When I look at pictures of her from when we first brought her home and then at her sitting there in her jumperoo, laughing and jumping around and actually communicating, my heart just melts. She's been a part of our lives first as a tiny teeny baby who'd just sleep all day long and wake up to eat every 3 hours, then waking up for longer and longer periods and showing off her giggly personality, then babbling and trying to talk to us, and now really enjoying things around her more and more. I sometimes wonder how we ever lived without this little girl before, it all seems so surreal, the past four months flew by!

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