Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dr's appointment today

We had Sasha's 4-month appointment today and we got to see how she's growing and developing. The pediatrician was very happy with her progress and said because she's gaining so well (she's now 15.5lbs and 25" long), we don't need to start cereal until she's 6 months old (she was going to recommend we start now before). She got 2 more shots but this time she took it much much better. She cried for maybe 5 seconds total and then quieted down. Granted she did fall asleep 5 minutes later, I barely had the time to get her dressed! Sasha's been cranky all day since then though, whereas last time she just slept for most of the day for a few days after the shots. But she does seem to be doing well otherwise, no fever.
We did have to leave Sasha with grandma A. today since we're refinancing and had our closing. The timing wasn't perfect but it seemed that today was the best time for the bank (boo). She did sleep a while, but not nearly enough and was cranky. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. And hopefully, she will sleep tonight. We've had a series of icky nights over the past week, I wonder how the vaccinations will affect that. Good night!

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