Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanks, Auntie Kristin!

This weekend we got a package addressed to little Miss Sasha, lol (hubby even made a comment about how I can't open it because it is a punishable offense to open mail addressed to someone else!) It was from mommy's friend Kristin, she sent us some Halloween stuff, it's so cute. There was a t-shirt, two hats, some socks and a bib. I tried taking some pictures today, but little miss was not in the mood so this is all I got:

"Ok, what is this thing you put me in?"

"I suppose as long as you keep feeding me, I can deal with the hat too"

"Kisses to aunt Kristin"

"Mommy, enough pictures! And take the hat off now, you know I hate hats!"

"Ahhh, finally, some peace and quiet"


Jenni said...

She looks adorable!

Yuliya A. said...

Aww, thanks Jenni :)