Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy weekend!!

Baby Sasha (and mommy and daddy of course) have a busy weekend coming up! Today, auntie Inna came to visit us for the first time since Sasha was born. Tomorrow, great-grandma is coming over - she hasn't been over in a while due to health reasons, so we're excited for her to come. Grandma and grandpa are coming over with her(and maybe staying over Saturday night because they have an early flight Sunday morning and we're so much closer to the airport). Then Sunday, my relatives who are visiting from Moscow are coming to meet the baby. And Sunday afternoon mommy's going to go get her eyes checked and get new glasses (hopefully my vision didn't get much worse since my last appointment and I am so excited about the new glasses!) Hopefully, Sunday afternoon will be spent relaxing and just hanging out.

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