Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I gave my 2-week notice!

I just spoke with my boss and I'm officially a stay-at-home-mom!! Yay! I was a little nervous before calling about how she'd take it, but she was very cool about it and said that I have to "do what's best for my family", she's awesome!! Now I'm going to have to go in to get the remainder of my stuff there and the return my id sometime next week, but I'm officially unemployed (my husband says I'm now "retired" - I like the sound of that - retired at a ripe old age of 24, lol).
Baby Sasha has been fussier than usual all day yesterday and today, I think the poor baby is scared of the nasty weather we have going on here. She wouldn't go down for the night for a good 4 hours last night, I felt so bad for her. But when she finally settled down, she slept for 5 hours straight (which by the way makes it a week of 5-hour stretches of sleep at night, woohoo). I really hope that tonight is better for her, it just makes me so sad when she can't settle down and sleep, when she needs to. Now I'm off to go cuddle with my girl a little bit :)

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