Friday, October 24, 2008

7 weeks old today!

Our baby Sasha is 7 weeks old today. I know it's not exactly a "birthday" or even a round number, but I think it's kinda cool. In this short time a lot has happened! She smiles, she now giggles too - the funny part is that the first time she did both of these things , she did them for daddy; now she smiles back when you smile at her; she attempts to crawl, it's the cutest thing, you can see her trying and if you put your hand to the soles of her feet she pushes away and, I have to say, gets quite far - she can go our whole bed in only a few pushes! She coos and I like to think that she's talking to us. She likes to "stand" - when she's supported she keeps her legs straight now and it looks almost like she's standing :)

Ok, now just a few super cute pictures I've taken of her in the last couple of days:

"I love my new swing, it's so cool!"

Daddy thinks that baby Sasha may end up with blue eyes after all

Enjoying some naked time this afternoon...

And then some tummy time too!

And here's Sasha enjoying her new swing:

Oh, and in mommy-news, I only have 2 pounds to go to my pre-pregnancy weight! I'm quite impressed with myself, especially considering that I didn't even start exercising, imagine, what I can do with some situps, walking and a little cardio!
Oh, and P.S. baby Sasha has slept for at least 4.5 hours each night for the past 3 nights! I think we're on our way to something really good here!!


Emmie said...

cute! but what's with the little mitten things on her hands?

Yuliya A. said...

Well, it's getting a tab chilly here in NY, dear. Plus she's a scratcher, we need to go trim her nails soon!