Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sasha's 1 month old today!

Our baby girl is 1 month old today. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. She's changing every single day! Baby, daddy and mommy went out for our first official "trip" since coming back from the hospital. We first went shopping and got all 3 of us some birthday presents. Sasha got new pacis and a Halloween onesie, mommy got a sling to carry her around in all day when she won't go down for a nap in her own cradle, and daddy was the most excited when he got a "baby on board" sticky sign for the car! Then we went for a walk in a park and took some pictures when we got home. It was a very good and happy birthday!

This is what happens when daddy dresses me!

All bundled up and ready to go!

She was so tired from all that walking around and shopping!

Hanging out with mommy at the end of a fun day


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