Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sasha slept for 6 hours last night!!

That's six consecutive hours! We got her ready for bed, fed her, bathed her at around 7pm, then she woke up hungry at around 9:30pm. So we fed her, went to bed about an hour later and then she woke us up at 3:30am!!

Now we aren't always very alert when we wake up in the middle of the night, so we thought maybe we had fed her at some point before, but nope, we definitely hadn't!!! Anyway, I'm sure it's a fluke and won't happen again for a while, but it was so nice to get a good night of sleep. For the past few days she's been waking up almost every 2 hours to eat and now this. Ahh, thanks baby girl!
Oh, and I know I probably just jinxed ourselves by posting this, but I couldn't not share ;)

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