Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mother's day at school

So Women's Day doubles as Mother's Day in Russia (and yay me, I get two Mother's Days a year!) Sasha's school had a performance on Friday afternoon, all the kids did such a wonderful job and I was beyond proud of my little girl, who can be very shy sometimes, but did amazingly. Let's see if blogger will let me upload a video or two.
Only lets me upload one video (I think the rest of them are too big?) Boo! But oh well, it's still better than nothing.

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Jackie said...

Just curious what school your daughter goes to. Is this a russian daycare? I am only asking because we are Russian as well and will eventually be looking for a daycare in the area (we are from Fair Lawn), but was wondering if they also speak English, since I am russian, but my husband is American. thanks!