Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Looks like spring came early this year

Not that this winter has been a bad one (on the contrary, it's been so mild, we barely got to play in the snow!) But it looks like spring is here and, (unless I jinx it right now) is here to stay! I love this weather, I love not having to put on a gazillion layers of clothing, I love being able to just run outside for a bit to play, I love the sun shining! I don't love, however, the fact that I have no more clothes to fit properly (but that was bound to happen with my winter maternity wardrobe too, just now I'm looking for things in my summer wardrobe from my pregnancy with Sasha) - but I digress. I'm a little bummed that our little guy (whenever he decides to grace us with his arrival) won't be able to wear some of the super soft warm things we got for him, but I'll take this nice weather instead!
Papa and Sasha decided to check if there's any water in the pool
And this is how kiddo tells us she's three and a half years old - see? Three on one hand and a "half" on the other. She cracks me up!
She likes to play pretend bubbles with random sticks she finds
These last two are just for fun: we made pigs in blankets today after our trip to the store and she was enjoying it so much!
A little while ago, it finally hit me that Sasha's time being an only child is quickly coming to an end. I have to admit, it kind of freaked me out, I mean it's just such a huge change for her! I know she probably won't remember much of this time later on in life, but will remember having fun with her little brother, but still I feel so guilty sometimes. I'm on a mission to do as much fun stuff as I can with her these last few days of her being an only child. Story time, trips to the zoo and the playground, and possibly the botanical gardens are planned for this week.

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