Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Due date today!

I've waited so long to get to this day, and guess what, the baby isn't in such a rush it seems. He's still comfy in there and it doesn't look like he has any plans of coming any time soon. I'm walking and trying to stay as active as I can (between breaks to finish reading The Hunger Games), but so far no signs of progress.
Let's make this the last weekly photo, shall we, kiddo?
But on the plus side, kiddo now does have a name, so he really should hurry up and get here (yes, I'm aware that my phone might explode by tonight with all the calls from the relatives and friends who are so anxious to know, but we've decided not to share his name).
I have an appointment with my doctor on Friday and will be discussing induction for Monday, I'm definitely nervous and of course would rather go into labor naturally, but I've considerably calmed down about it since a few days ago when this was first brought up (thanks for your reassuring words, Lena and mom)
Cannot wait to meet this little Honeydew!!


Kearsta said...

Wow! He will be here soon!! :)

Yuliya A. said...

Yeah! We're so excited!! And very very anxious!