Saturday, July 30, 2011

Super awesome kids day!

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but Z's job is fantastic! Not only do they have a very close group (who get together outside of work to hang out all the time), but they also throw all sorts of wonderful parties. One year, their Winter party was at the Natural Museum of Science, how awesome is that?!? We've gone to Rye playland a couple of years ago with them. And let's not forget their beer-tasting and sake-tasting parties! Yesterday was "Kids Day" at Z's work and we had a blast!! There was face painting (for some, arm painting, but still exciting), sand art, cotton candy (the adults took part in this activity very eagerly), shows, and workshops (playtime with the actors from Paperbag Players).

Sasha's cousins Daniel and Jonathan were also there, and the kids had a wonderful time playing together! And  yes, I blurred out the last names on the name tags, I'm paranoid like that... I don't want random internet strangers to stalk us (provided people other than my parents and a few friends read this of course)

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