Monday, July 25, 2011

Silly girl!

Yesterday when my parents came over, Sasha was enjoying dancing and playing with them. Then suddenly she came up to me and asked for her "pink dress". So I handed it to her, she demanded that I leave so that she could put it on by herself. Then she proceeded to twirl around, dance and tip-toe like a ballerina. Everybody loved it.
After her nap, she put on her pretty princess dress again, pulled out her train set, asked me to put it together and spent nearly the entire evening playing with her Thomas train.
And made faces with her equally silly mama:
She kept asking me to see this picture over and over and was laughing hysterically!
She's not a 100% girly girl, nor is she a 100% tomboy.  Some days she's a tip-toeing, tutu-wearing ballerina and others she's a ball-throwing, soccer-playing, Thomas- and Woody-adoring little tomboy. And some days, she's both at the same time!

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