Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happenings and cuteness

Yesterday, Sasha and I went to the movies to see Charlotte's Web - Sasha's first time in a movie theater, and she loved it (but somebody should've warned me how sad this movie was). And honestly, for a dollar, I wouldn't have cared if she needed to leave half-way through the movie, but she sat through the whole thing, asking me questions about what was going on. It was so much fun!!

And because last post was so long and picture-less, here's some recent cuteness of our girl:

Lots of birthdays are coming up in the next week (papa's on Friday, then my mom's a few days later, and then my father-in-law's the next day), so stay tuned for a ton of picture-filled posts. Summers are totally insane with birthdays for us!

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Anonymous said...

Your posts always remind me of when my oldest was a toddler and life was just so different from now.
Not better or worse... I guess it's like hearing music that you listened to at a certain time of your life, and you get the same feeling listening to it again. So I guess I'm experiencing that phenomenon by reading this post. :)