Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tales from "sadik"

So I'm going to start by telling you all about how confused I get with all the different institutions that the kids go through before they enter school. Where I'm from there is a "sadik", an all-encompassing place where little kids go until they start 1st grade at the age of 7. They do arts and music, they play, they nap, they eat, they go for walks. And yes, they learn things they need to know to go to school. So it's really like daycare, pre-k, and kindergarten all wrapped nicely in one. So when I refer to the Sasha's sadik, it all makes sense. But when I'm talking to someone in English, I always always take a second to figure out what to call it: school? pre-school? daycare? And I pretty much always use different words for it.
The question come sup a lot about how she likes it there. Well, she does. A lot! Every Monday and Wednesday morning when she gets up, I tell her we're going to sadik and she runs for her shoes. And keeps yelling "sadik" all the way there. On Monday, when I was picking her up, she saw me, waved and said "hi, mama", but kept playing with her puzzle; she then threw a fit when I try to  drag her out of there. And this morning, a miracle happened. She didn't cry at all when we left. She looked a bit displeased, but other than stretching her arms out to be picked up, she was completely comfortable! And some other little girl in her class called out to her "Sasha hi" when she saw her. How cute is that!?!
Z thinks that by Monday, she'll be waving bye to me and telling me to leave.

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