Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some very exciting news!

This month has been quite an exciting one: first Sasha's birthday with its two-part celebration, then Kristin and Joe's wedding (pictures are still coming, I have about 50 left to go through, sigh), we wont some money in Atlantic City (and with my luck, that is a very exciting thing!) And now *drum roll please* even more exciting stuff: my (not so) little sister just got engaged!!!
Her now fiance (I've always thought it was such a glamorous word to say) proposed to her on their vacation in Mexico last week. They both are just beaming (and of course, so are the rest of us). I just love those two!
Please forgive the quality of these, it was really late on Sunday night and I completely forgot the flash and of course was too busy squealing in delight to check the pictures before it was too late!
And I stole this one from Andrey's facebook, because I just love the look on Anya's face and you can see the ring a little better

We did find out on Sunday night, but I was not allowed to put it anywhere on the internet until my sister had a chance to tell all her friends and family herself (which is an understandable request really).

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