Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend and I just wanted to share some pictures from then.
Saturday, after dropping Miss Sasha at my parents' house, we headed to NYC to hang out with my dear friends with whom I studied in Paris. Two of us live in NY, one in Boston and one is moving to London this Thursday, so yeah, we had to get together before Gretchen left. And Saturday just happened to be exactly 5 years from when we met for the first time in Paris.

On Sunday, we went over to one of Y's coworker's house for a mini get-together with their group. We had such a wonderful time, played Pictionary and some Wii, Sasha slept cozily in her Ergo. After she woke up and ate her lunch, she entertained everybody with her dancing and chased Y's coworker's little boy around, who blatantly ignored her. We all had a blast!

Papa playing Pictionary

Sasha tried pizza for the firs time: she seemed absolutely uninterested in the crust, but ate all the olives, peppers, and cheese off of it

Helping papa play Wii bowling

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