Tuesday, January 5, 2010

16 months old today!

Miss Sasha is 16 months old today, which is just a little short of a year and a half. Somehow that seems like another big "milestone", even though I know it's just a number.
Our little girl is still babbling a lot, and now saying a bunch of new words. She tries to say the for "fish", but it sounds very funny, but at least she's consistent with the way she says it. So I'm not entirely sure if that counts. She's saying a few English words now, in addition to the Russian words: baby, wow, and bye (it sounds like "baaa", but she waves so enthusiastically when she says it). I think she's trying to meow, but it sounds like she's saying "me". Not so much on the other animal sounds though.
She now knows and can point to a lot of body parts too (and not just her own, other people's and her dolls' too): eyes, ears, teeth, tongue, cheeks, forehead (go figure), head, hair, arm/hand, leg/foot, belly, and belly button! Sasha now has 12 teeth (those first molars are all finally in).
Here is one good picture from today and one from a year ago:


Anonymous said...

Looks like your house was VERY warm last January! :D
She sounds very cute. The words count, for sure. My son had a vocabulary of 40-50 words at that age, but only a handful of them were the exact pronunciation. Hey, some kids can't pronounce a certain letter until age 3 or older. That doesn't mean all words containing that letter don't count.
As long as she is using one specific word for an object, it counts. :)

Yuliya A. said...

Thanks, I've been counting some semi-words, but then I thought maybe I was overcounting, you know? Thanks for the reassurance though ;)