Thursday, January 7, 2010

16 months checkup and shots!

Ugh, today was not a good day for little Miss Sasha! We had an appointment with her pediatrician this morning, we had to make just one little stop on the way there: the library to pick up a book they had on hold for me. Less than 5 minutes after leaving, Sasha fell asleep in her stroller, and slept through the library, through the walk to the dr's office, and for 20 minutes while we waited to be seen. She got two shots, she cried and looked at me like I was betraying her, snuggled into me and didn't want me to let go. She was fussy for the rest of the afternoon, but finally slept for a good hour at around 5pm. Poor little thing! I'm hoping it's just a reaction to the shots and she'll be back to her happy self in a couple of days.
Here's Sasha playing mommy to two of her dolls this morning, it's just so precious, I had to share!

And here she is, peacefully sleeping through all the craziness at the dr's office:

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