Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We have a molar!

I just realized yesterday that Miss Sasha has cut yet another tooth. I must admit I am a little bit ashamed that I didn't realize she was actually cutting a tooth until I felt it yesterday. I mean, this must've been going on for at least a week now (as the tooth is now completely through the gum!) But in my defense, she did not show pretty much any signs of teething. The only thing that seemed "off" about her was that she wouldn't nap in her crib (but that only started on Saturday). So yesterday, as I was trying to get Baby Orajel onto her gums in a futile attempt to get her to nap (I figured maaaybe it was her teeth), I felt a sharp little molar poking through the gum. You can't really see it, as she won't let anyone take a look, but I managed to take a peek this morning, and it's definitely there! My poor little thing! Now I need the nap gods to take pity on Sasha (and me) and let her nap properly...

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