Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving '09 in pictures

I finally went through all the pictures and edited them. Here are some from our dinner on Thursday (and when I say "some", I often mean "a lot", as the case may be with this post).

Hanging out with great-grandma

There were a lot o people at my aunt and uncle's so Sasha was being very very shy in the beginning and holding onto my legs, but auntie Anna is one of the people she agreed to go to!

A family picture... with two people looking at the camera, this is quite an achievement for us ;)

Drinking out of a cup like a big girl (we've been working on it, on good days she spills a little bit on herself, on bad days... all the water ends up on her shirt, not in her mouth)

Yum, turkey - see here for last year's (lack of) excitement with turkey leg...

Little miss Sasha is quite fond of her uncle Andrey

Meeting my cousin's bearded dragon - not quite as happy as when it was sitting in its aquarium though!

We had a lovely time at Thanksgiving this year (my parents and Y's parents missed it though, they went to Cleveland to hang out with their friends instead). The food was good, the company was amazing, the kiddo behaved wonderfully (after the initial shock of a new place and too many people). Have I mentioned how much I love Thanksgiving?

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