Thursday, November 5, 2009

14 months old!

Our little Miss Sasha is 14 months old already! I keep saying that I don't know how the time can be passing by so quickly, but it's so true: where did my little tiny baby go? You know, the one that would stay in one place for more than 5 seconds? This girl is on the move, constantly. It is absolutely crazy, I'm having trouble even getting her meals ready sometimes, because she is so all over the place most days; sometimes she'd stay in her pack-n-play for 15 minutes when I need to clean up a bit or make dinner.
She is now "talking" a lot more these days, although no new real words yet. She babbles constantly, she loves "reading" books: she'd sit on the floor with the book in her lap and babble to herself while turning pages! She loves saying "mamochka" and "papochka" now, though I don't think she means it in that way; another surprising thing about it is that we don't refer to each other as that in front of her (mama and papa), so I guess she heard someone saying that and now keeps repeating it; it's absolutely adorable!

This is Sasha at just two months old for comparison!

Where's Sasha's nose?

And where's mama's nose?

This is mostly why I'm having so little time to actually get on here and blog about what we're doing - because this is what we're doing:

Calling papa at work (yes, using a TV remote)

...reading books...

... and her latest trick - climbing on the couch!

Yup, she can now climb up on the couch - and I have a video to prove it (just need to edit it a little, stay tuned).

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