Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twelve-month dr. appointment and some random cuteness

We had Sasha's 12-month pediatrician appointment yesterday. I wasn't sure if she'd be getting any vaccinations, since both Y and I have been sick for the past week and Sasha had a bit of a runny nose (which was for the most part miraculously cured by her spending a weekend with grandma and grandpa L.) The doctor checked her out and decided that it was ok to give her her shots, so she got MMR and varicella (which I do have to admit she did not enjoy one bit, even though I applied the supposedly magic lidocaine cream her dr. prescribed for shots). Her stats are: 20.8lbs (in the 44th %ile) and 29" (in the 56th %ile).
Besides signing "milk" a few more times (we're still working to make sure she's really got it), she can say three words: "papa" (which funny enough was her very first word but now she refuses to say very often), "mama", and "da" (which in her interpretation means "dai" - "gimmie" in Russian, she sticks her hand out for the desired object and all) - sometimes she'd even repeat it "da! da!" if she really wants the toy (that most often she just handed to you a few moments ago). She's so much fun these days. She loves it when we chase her, she'd start walking away from me, then as soon as she hears me approaching behind her, she drops to her knees and continues crawling away, since it's so much faster. But she's really becoming so much more confident at walking, she even tries running sometimes, but still very carefully. She loves playing with her toy stroller and putting her doll in it, going for a "walk" with her or taking her out and "cuddling". Sasha understands most of what we tell her, especially things she shouldn't do, knows most of her toys by name and brings us things we ask her to.
We've started introducing her to the potty a couple of months ago, and it's a slow slow process. I have really got to get more patience somewhere. I try to put her on it at "strategic times", like after her lunch or bottle and after waking up. Most of the time that doesn't lead to anything, but at least she'd sit on the potty and not fuss. I've been letting her go diaperless, which has been, um... interesting, but I think she's at least becoming aware of the fact that if she pees all over herself (and the floor) it is very unpleasant. I suspect this process will take a while longer though.
And since this turned into a very very long post, here are some pictures to rewards my readers (all 6 of them) for their patience ;)

She now eats whole nectarines (she can easily eat half a small one at a seating)....

... which has been known to lead to this!

She figured out that if she sticks her hand in the box with puffs she will get way more out that way

My little running girl (always making faces... I wonder where she gets that from, my little monkey)

And most recently, she decided to try eating a whole (well halved for better handling) tomato. Yum!


Anonymous said...

I've forgotten how messy high chairs can become!! How do you keep it clean?

Yuliya A. said...

Sigh, yes, it does get so messy. I wash the top part of the tray after each meal and then run it through the dishwasher every so often. I get all the crumbs/pieces of food out of the seat itself after each meal too and wash the seat cover whenever it gets dirty/stained. Our trusted roomba does the floor cleaning once or twice a day after meals.

Mark said...

I think she gets the faces from Sasha