Thursday, September 24, 2009

I ordered an Ergo!

After much deliberation (mostly due to how much these things cost), we decided to go ahead and get an Ergo. Ergo is a soft-structured carrier for the kiddos. Yes, we have the Bjorn which we got from auntie Julie and used for quite some time, but the little Miss is way too big for it and it kills my back after maybe 20 minutes. Besides Ergo is supposed to be a lot better for the child's back too, since he/she is actually in a sitting position in it, instead of essentially hanging in a Bjorn. You can even carry the child on your back and on your hip using this carrier!
See how comfy that kid is? It can carry a child up to 40lbs, so provided Miss Sasha will like being worn we can use it for a couple of years!
It shipped today, I will most certainly post pictures once it arrives. I'm very very excited (especially with our trip coming up, I have a feeling that it's going to come in handy).

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