Tuesday, September 1, 2009

She doesn't want to be a toddler yet!

I'm telling you, I'm not the only one not ready for our little Miss Sasha to be turning one in just a few short days! She's been refusing to nap in her crib for the past few days and only naps on me. It happens to be the sweetest thing in the whole world, while also frustrating. I love watching her lay there all snuggled up to me, still a baby. At the same time I worry about her not being able to fall asleep elsewhere (when someone babysits or we go somewhere for most of the day) - I'm not worried about spoiling her, I don't believe holding your baby will spoil her (but I digress). She's been this way since getting over her ear infection, so I'm giving her some time to get back to "normal". But deep down inside, I think she's just not ready for toddler-hood ;)

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