Thursday, August 6, 2009

11 months old and first steps

One day late, but our little girl is now 11 months old. She's such a big girl already, she seemed to have grown since we left. She giggles at everything, is still very clingy (but I can't say I don't like it: having been away from her for the last week, I'm enjoying it for now). She imitates all the little things we do. She's a pro at putting things into containers and then taking them out. She "reads" books and turns pages... we're not going to mention that she may do so holding a book upside down! She's now mostly on all table foods, meaning she eats "real" food and is a pro with her straw cup (in fact in a week or two I'm planning to start giving her milk in a cup to get her off bottles soon). She now walks holding on to only one hand. Which brings me to my other point: first steps! The night before we left for Mexico, Sasha actually took 4 little steps without any support from me to papa! It was the cutest thing ever!!

Oh, and yes, we're back. We had a blast on our vacation, although we missed our little Sasha terribly! And she had a blast hanging out with her grandparents and auntie and uncle (and so did they). I'm working on a post all about it (complete with pictures) now, I'll post later tonight.

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