Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation recap and pictures

We got back last night (and though Sasha was already asleep I couldn't help myself but go check up on her); today was a fun day filled with playing, reading, jumping and dancing around, oh, and four loads of laundry (both our and Sasha's stuff). We had a wonderful time on our vacation, and Sasha had a blast here without us too (we were told that you literally couldn't turn away from her for a second because she headed straight for the stairs - we don't have stairs in our apartment, so that's novel to her).
Aside from hours of relaxing by the pool, as well as in the pool, and lounging on the beach, we did some sightseeing: we went to Coba, an ancient Mayan city which is now in ruins and visited and saw Mayan culture. We got to climb the temple (120 steps which just happen to be a couple of thousand years old - so they were a little scary to navigate, but the view from the top was absolutely breathtaking and amazing!), we saw the jungle, ziplined across a lake, swam in a cenote (a sinkhole, of which there are many in Mexico, an underground lake) among with fish and fruitbats flying around us. The water was unbelievably clear and a little chilly, but on a hot day, it was so nice to cool down a bit. We then got to eat some delicious Mayan food (there were even chickens walking around right next to us as we sat down for lunch!) We jetskied the following day, which was so exciting. Ok, here are some photos of our adventures.

A secluded pool specifically for the "platinum suites" guests (which we got a fabulous deal on)

This was the view from our balcony. Oh, and we had two jacuzzis - one inside and one on the balcony (still not sure why, but it was pretty neat)

This is how Mayan people live now

An ancient observatory - used to keep an eye on the road

This is the temple we got to climb

At the top of the Mayan temple

On our hike to the zipline

This is what we looked like while ziplining (plus these awesome orange helmets)

Yes, we are goofballs, and yes, I realize that if Sasha sees this picture some 13 years from now she'll be horribly embarassed and tell people she isn't related to us!

At a swim-up bar

At a fancy restaurant with a beautiful ocean view

Heading home...

And a couple of Sasha pictures our parents sent us:

On the potty with grandma L. - look at my big girl, hehe

Hanging out in her tub outside


Anonymous said...

What? She's not potty trained YET? ;) Heh, heh, heh... (Being raised in a Russian household myself, I am allowed to make fun that way. :P )

The trip looks fun!

Yuliya A. said...

HA! I know, we've been working on the potty for about a month now and I don't think it's going to be quite as short and effective as my mom claims it could be... But I figured why not give it a try, it can't hurt anything...

Anonymous said...

I also exposed my kids to the potty as soon as they were able to walk to it, but can't say whether it helped much or not. It surely helped that they already knew what to do and where once they decided they were ready so we saved time on the "introduction." One was trained at 2y 3m and the other is 3y 4m now and still has accidents pretty often. I started them out the same way, so who knows.