Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sick baby and party planning

Wow, I haven't updated in a while. We've been so busy around here lately. We've finally decided on the details for Sasha's first birthday party so we're working on getting everything together (we've got all the decorations, I will - hopefully - be making the cake, I'm working on a picture slideshow - the music part is giving me a bit of trouble, but I'll deal with it). There will be balloons and games and cakes (and a special little cupcake for our special little girl) and even a birthday hat (which I'm sure will stay on her head for exactly 2.3 seconds) It will be fun! If I can deal with the reality of my little girl turning one (but that's a whole other post in an of itself)!
Now for the not-so-fun part of my post - Sasha has her first ear infection. It sucks. It started on Sunday afternoon, when we were coming back from hanging out in Jersey with auntie Anna and uncle Andrey. She's getting better now, no more fever thankfully, but it's her third day on antibiotics, so we're giving her lots of extra yogurt - good thing she loves that stuff! We're going to see her pediatrician on Saturday again, hopefully it will be gone by then. I just feel so horribly bad for our little girl, she's whiny and sleepy and so so uncomfortable! Oh, and the transition to cups seems to have halted for now - she refuses them and will only drink milk out of her bottles, I guess it's a comfort thing for her; we'll be going back to that fun adventure in a couple of weeks. It's been a crazy few days!
Sorry, I don't have any recent pictures uploaded, but I did want to update and say that we haven't fallen off the face of the earth!


847christine said...

Aw, sorry she's not feeling good. With an ear infection, the sucking might be uncomfortable for her. Maybe that will improve once her ears are better? Can't believe our little girls are almost a year old! Yikes!

Yuliya A. said...

Thanks, Christine, she's doing better now. We're done with antibiotics, no more fever and she seems to be back to her usual cheery busy self. And don't even get me started on the turning 1 thing, I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for it yet!