Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pedi appointment today and 11-month stats

We went to see Sasha's pediatrician today (I seriously love that woman, she's so wonderful!) We had to get some blood drawn for lead testing and there was no way I was doing it alone (I know I'm a wuss, but I just could not watch that), so we had papa come along with us for that part. The blood draw went very well, thankfully, the doctor gave me a prescription for a creme to be put on her arms prior to the draw and she didn't seem to be even bothered by the needle (in fact, I was told she was watching as the doctor inserted the needle!) I am glad it's over though!
Here are her stats at 11 months: weight - 20.5lbs (51st percentile); height - 28.5" (56th percentile). She seems to be evening out and averaging out. The doctor was very happy with all her stats, and said she'll probably end up a skinny tall girl. She gave us the go ahead to start cow's milk and eggs in a couple of weeks, which should add some variety to her breakfasts.
And just because I feel bad leaving you all off without any cute pictures of our little Miss, here's her splashing around in her baby pool at grandma and grandpa's today:

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