Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surviving hurricane Sandy

We survived hurricane Sandy, our first in this house. And while it was nowhere near as bad as some people had it (Staten Island, Jersey Shore, Brooklyn), it was definitely not easy. We lost power last Monday afternoon, before the storm even really hit and didn't get it back until this Monday. We stayed home until Wednesday night at which point it was getting way too cold for the kids here, so the kids and I went to stay with my aunt and uncle, while Z stayed here. He got a kerosene heater, we had a ton of candles and flashlights, he made fire in the fireplace with the wood from fallen trees. He kept warm. On Thursday (I think; the days kinda blended together and it's all a big blur now), he found a generator when he randomly walked into a local Home Depot. The next problem was getting gas; come days that proved more difficult than finding the generator in the first place.
Then Max got sick, I think I gave him whatever I had and it sucked (he's still a little snotty, but he's definitely getting better). He was feeling antsy and needed his routine and his own place back. Sasha was getting bored. But we were warm and had light and hot water (and a working fridge) at my aunt and uncle's. I will forever be grateful to them for taking us in last week. On Sunday, we decided to go home. We decided it'd be better for the kids to be in their own space, to have all their toys and things. After all, we had enough gas and a generator now, so we would be warm until we got power back. Luckily, we got power less than 24 hours later.
We made a tent in our dining room
 I think he may be a little too big for his baby swing
 We introduced Sasha to Jenga and she loved it!
 I adore this picture because Max was drooling all over my uncle during a shoulder ride
 Max found his shadow and played with it for a good 15 minutes!
 Oh, I love their faces - Max's upset face and Sasha's mocking face
 He refused a lot of naps this past week

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