Monday, November 26, 2012

8 months old

Today, my sweet boy is 8 months old. It doesn't really sound like a lot, but my sister said "Happy 2/3 of a year to Max" and that sounded a lot closer to a year (and therefore a toddler) than I'd like.
This kid just melts my heart. He's been attempting to say "mama" for a couple of weeks now and just the other day started attempting "papa". Sasha is working on teaching him how to say her name, not successfully so far. He's trying to figure out the crawling thing: he gets up on all fours and just stands there concentrating for a while before plopping back down on his belly. But he's really good at getting around if he needs to, by either army crawling or rolling around. He's still eating mostly purees, although I've started making them a lot less liquid. We gave him puffs about a week ago and he's quickly becoming a pro at the pincer grip. He's still nursing, although I think my supply is being funky, so we're working on it. Still only two teeth, but I suspect he's working on his two upper teeth as well. He's started waving, although it looks more like him hitting whoever is holding him or the floor if he's sitting on his own. He loves to stand and is getting really god at it!

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