Wednesday, September 5, 2012

She is FOUR!!!

OMG, when did this happen? My sweet first-born, the girl who made me a mother is already four years old (or maybe not, it doesn't count until 20:47pm, right? Right?)
Sasha is such an independent, smart, caring, and loving little girl! She is absolutely amazing with her little brother, always helping out, calming him down when he's upset, changing his diapers, putting on his socks, playing with him when he's bored. She loves books and stories, and doing math on her fingers (kudos to her papa for this one), and dancing. We signed her up for swimming lessons starting this weekend and dance lessons starting next week (went to pick out real ballet and tap shoes and a couple of leotards for her today).
Sasha, you are the most amazing and wonderful little girl we've ever known and you make our days brighter. We laugh with you, we see the world anew through your pure soul and we learn something new every day. We are so lucky and proud to be your parents. Everyday. And especially today.
We love you,
~ mama and papa

We had a wonderful and fun day celebrating today: had our traditional croissant for breakfast, then went to Build-a-Bear to get Sasha a new friend, whom she named Missy, went for a carousel ride, skyped with my family in Russia, then went to get our little dancer dance shoes and leotards, and then had a nice dinner (complete with ice cream) with my aunt and uncle.
Max "got" Sasha a present too!

 Sasha's new friend in a fabulous Rapunzel dress
My aunt and cousin :)
Kiddos wanted some carrots - Sasha to eat and Max to gnaw on

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